Mega Sale Condominium by Sim Liam: Treasure At Tampines

Condo at east, Singapore Condominium
Tampines, Singapore - Constructed on the previous Tampines Court site is the new growth of Sim Liam, the Treasure at Tampines apartment. This condominium facility is hailed as a mega condominium because of its substantial neighborhood of 2,203 units. The developer declares that it is Singapore's largest condo complicated in regards to numbers of units, with the complete location of the site spanning to 650,000 square feet and also virtually fifty percent of it currently ended up. The job has introduced just recently and also is expected to obtain itss TOP by 2023. Treasure at Tampines Singapore is purposefully situated at Tampines Road 11 as well as offers a wide range of units ranging from one-bedroom to five-bedroom houses. According to the Alibaba Printing study team, the multiple-block complicated is…
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